About OBRA

OBRA (Observe, Bridge, Respond, Art) Collective is an advocacy arts group based in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are a group of Latino, immigrant, undocumented and ally artists who create immigrant affirming art in order to raise awareness about the immigrant and undocumented community.

As we observe the world around us, the changing dynamics and makeup of our society, we come together as artists to bridge the gap between the effected and those who do not know the issues that immigrants and the undocumented face. We respond to pressing issues concerning immigration, and our own experiences with immigration, as undocumented, immigrant, and ally artists. Our art portrays what our words cannot express.

We  seek to connect immigrant and Latino artists and raise awareness throughout our community and our nation.


Interested in purchasing a piece? Want to join us? Contact OBRA at obracollective@gmail.com


4 thoughts on “About OBRA

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